Alexa Chung Ambassador of British Fashion World

        Alexa Chung Ambassador of British Fashion World         

Alexa Chung
           Ambassador of British fashion world

Internationally known for her modeling achievements, her great style, her collaborations with multiple brands and the recent launching of her very own label, Alexa Chung is one inspiring style icon.

Born and raised in England, Alexa Chung started modeling from the tender age of 16 and she continued to do so for four years having worked for brands like Sony Ericsson, Sunsilk, Fanta and Tampax.
Later she quit her modeling job with the intention to go to university. Although she was accepted in, she never really attended. Instead, Alexa Chung decided that she wanted to take her career a step further and startes as a television host with multiple appearances in television shows, such as Popworld, 8 out of 10 Cats, Big Brother’s Big mouth, Vanity Lair.

We could easily say that 2009 was the year Alexa Chung became the living fashion icon she is today. She became the face of New Look and DKNY Jeans, she had her own show on MTV, she had a bag made from the well known brand Mulberry been released with her name “Alexa” and the greatest achievements of all was in June 2009 when she became a contributing editor for British Vogue.
Since then she did multiple other related jobs, by being the face of campaigns for many brands, like Lacoste, released the trailer of another tv show, she was announced as spokesperson for the annual British Designers Collective and many other fashion related jobs.

However, it’s her trademark style that made all those opportunities happen for her. Alexa Chung has a very effortless, casual and comfortable style, but always manages to touch it up with a chic pattern or accessory. She knows how basic lines and clothing pieces are able to elevate your style – she is aware that the right size, the right accessory, the right personal touch can really make a difference on an outfit, even if that outfit is put together with basic pieces.

Ms Alexa has a very cool girly, but feminine style with her little dress paired with a leather jacket, skirts with sneakers and sandals, ankle boots with short denims. Yes, Alexa Chung has a very casual, effortless, cool girly style that the fashion world acknowledges and gets inspired from. She is the epitome of the fashion girl who proves that you don’t have to be grand to be chic.


Alexa Chung Ambassador of British Fashion World Alexa Chung Ambassador of British Fashion World Alexa Chung Ambassador of British Fashion World Alexa Chung Ambassador of British Fashion World

Photo Credits: Vogue

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