Chara Lebessi - a Couturier in Athens

Chara Lebessi - a Couturier in Athens

Chara Lebessi - a Couturier in Athens

Chara Lebessi is the premiere ambassador of her own brand: an extremely stylish lady. Simple, chic and elegant, her designs represent quality and minimalism. Materials you want to feel, designs you want to wear and an effortless  elegance.

Manos: Who is the “Chara Lebessi Lady”?

Chara:   I have always in mind the modern woman, her needs and her  desires, as I design my collections. The woman that corresponds on the rapid city’s pace while reflecting her feminity and dynamism as she knows she is unique. The collections are meant for the International modern woman who travels, works, is bold and dynamic and at the same time she shows her femininity & her fragile nature.

One of my goals is to give women confidence through my designs. In the collections I emphasize on design using luxurious fabrics with hand made elements, finishes and cut outs.  Through the technique of  moulaze we work the design & fabric on the mannequin & as a result we create a dress with perfect form embellishing the female figure making the female body sensational.

Minimalism, architectural structure,   emphasise the figure which is  presented  dynamic and strong but also ethereal, feminine, delicate and  sophisticated. Geometrical forms and assymetrical lines emphasise the body.

Manos: Did you ever think of designing men's handbags or accessories?  What they would be like?

Chara: I have designed men's cape jackets using the technique of moulage creating structure.  Also I am designing some men's scarves using cashmere, or silks combined with very long silk fringes.

In my mind I have the modern man & his needs for Design & quality. The collection would be Modern, Minimal, Sharp  using high quality fabrics & materials creating timeless garments.

Manos: What is your greatest achievement?

Chara:    I always feel so pleased & happy when people appreciate & like my collections. When I see them happy & confident wearing my designs:  It's a great pleasure & feeling.

Very special moments for me were when LONDON DESIGNERS Ltd shop of 54 on Fulham road London, bought my entire collection in August 2002.

        March 2010 till May 2010 two gowns of my collection were displayed at the exhibition ‘TO DRESS’ at  the  BENAKI Museum Athens Greece.

         Representing Greece twice

         On the 5th of July 2006, accepting the invitation of the Greek Ambassador at Belgrade to represent Greece, at the house of the Greek Ambassador, to raise funds for Princess Aikaterini’s charity purposes.

         In July 2010, after the invitation of the Greek Ambassador to Serbia, to display my collection at Grand Casino Belgrade at Danube River- representing Greece at “Belgrade Fashion Nights”.

         In October 2008, TV channel  Al Jazeera International presented my work on the show “48 Hours” as a New Greek Designer.

        On  the 29th of August 2012 the Executive Director of Doha Film Institute Amanda Palmer chose a Black Tie Gown from the collection for her appearance at the Red Carpet, for the International Premiere of the Film “The Reluctant  Fundamentalist” at 69th Venice International Film Festival with Kate Hudson & Kiefer Sutherland.

          In September 2013,  Eleftheria Komi the leading actress of the film  “Luton” chose Black Tie gowns from my collection for her appearances at the Red Carpet  for the International Premiere of the Film “Luton” at the 61st Edition San Sebastian International Film Festival Spain, & in October 2013 for her appearance at the Red Carpet for the presentation of the Film “Luton” at 57th BFI London Film Festival.

Manos: What style advice would you give women with pear shape bodies?

Chara: To embrace their curvaceous femininity.

Manos: What are your closet essentials?

 Chara: Shirts or tops made of Silks or Silk cotton matched with wool pants or Denim.

 Cream is my color. I love silk crepe because it has perfect flow on the body. It is luxurious & light and there is no transparency

 There are cocktail dresses in various fabrics such as Silk, Wool Silk, Cotton silk,  Silk Chiffon blouses,  Tailor made suit,  Coats are essential for me made of wool or cashmere.

Manos: What is the craziest thing you ever did?

Chara: I don t think that I do crazy things.

Manos: If you wrote your auto-biography what would the title next to your name be?

 Chara: Sense & Sensibility.

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Chara Lebessi - a Couturier in Athens interview for closet on the goChara Lebessi - a Couturier in Athens interview for closet on the goChara Lebessi - a Couturier in Athens interview at closet on the go

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