Christos Koukis- the young poet

Christos Koukis the greek young poet manos gerakinis interview

Christos Koukis- the young poet

I met Christos Koukis on a night out and I was intrigued by his humour, spontaneous quotes and sharp way of thinking. At his early 30's he already completed three poem collections. The latest is a yearly diary for lovers in the form of a dialogue, whereby there is a love quote for every day of the year . My personal favourite is the 4th of August:

“love is simply a magic opportunity to re-live again and again a happy childhood” you wrote on the sand and expected that the wind would transfer your message everywhere

Manos: How did you start writing poems?

Christos: Since I was a little child, every night I used to count the stars and many years later I realized  that no matter how many times I count them, the result was always the number two. Well, when I grew up I decided to be a poet just to be able to solve this mystery…and I did..

 Manos: What are your poems all about? What inspires you?

 Christos: My poems have as basis the love, the love for beauty, dignity, justice, society and truth. They are all about everything happens around us everyday and infect us so deep although sometimes we don’t have the time to understand this power…I am inspired from a pigeon which chose to stay white in this grey world, a child who said his opinion in Gods face and a woman who kissed me because she wanted to change the fate of my memory…

 Manos: What is the ultimate expression of love?

 Christos: A poem read to your lover and then forgotten on the lips…never written down on a paper but never mistaken…

Manos: What is your opening line to a woman?

 Christos: You are more beautiful than my childhood years…

 Manos: What flirting advice would you give to shy men?

 Christos: When they flirt, to look for the fears in the women΄s eyes and answer them with love and compassion.

 Manos: What advice would you give to people who can’t express their inner feelings?

Christos: To buy a mirror, to stand in front of it and stay as long as it takes… and don’t leave the house until the create something ( novel, drawning, poetry, sculpture e.t.c ). Inner feelings are the only  world that know the way to Heaven and can lead you there for free..

Manos: If you were not a poet what would you be?

Christos: An archaeologist. It’s the same feeling; finding new and modern ways to say the old, the classical and all time great truth…to promise with fresh words and actions that love rules  humanity and its values. To narrate history as a sweet lesson…

Manos Gerakinis

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