Dior Haute Couture PFW AW17-18


Dior Haute Couture PFW AW17-18

A woman’s professionalism was never more evident than in Dior’s Paris couture collection for fall 2017. You can never go wrong with a sophisticated look, however, it’s not easy to achieve the ultimate sophistication when it comes to your outfit. It’s difficult and you might be very well informed in every fashion sense to make a difference. However, Dior’s collection can offer you valuable and fashionable ideas and complete outfits to achieve that sophisticated look you might want to.
We’re talking belts on the waist, clothes that float on the runway, powerful suits that inspire confidence and professionalism, along with hats on the head a ‘trend’ that seems to come from a different era.

Along with that strict professionalism only suitable is a grey and black palette that seemed to match perfectly with the whole concept that follows that feministic, French style conservative and sophisticated idea for Dior’s couture collection.
Dior’s dresses for this Paris Couture collection were much more detailed than the suits. Equally lovely, same color shades, however, there was a ‘sexy vibe’, which was much evident on every dress – the type of sexy that’s just right for every woman who wants to feel and look enticing and attractive while keeping her ‘business’ woman vibe on.

In conclusion, Dior’s Paris couture collection was, probably, dedicated to all the high class business women who love and appreciate fashion.

Dior Haute Couture PFW AW17-18 Dior Haute Couture PFW AW17-18 Dior Haute Couture PFW AW17-18


Photo Credits: Vogue

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