Elizabeth Taylor Legendary Beauty

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Elizabeth Taylor Legendary Beauty

Expressive eyes, porcelain skin, hourglass figure, bold personality, magnetizing eyes, pure talent, passion, love, admiration – that’s exactly who Elizabeth Taylor was.

An exuberant woman who stole the hearts of men and women alike with her immense beauty and talent.
Elizabeth Taylor was born on February 27, 1932 in London, but relocated with her family in Los Angeles before World War 2, where she was ‘discovered’ by Hollywood producers and started acting on movies at the age of nine. She died on March 23, 2011 at the age of 79.

She was one of those women who honestly lived their lives to the fullest with several acting roles on many Hollywood movies, men who loved her unconditionally, money, fame and the public’s love and affection. Elizabeth Taylor was one enviable woman. However, that’s not only what Elizabeth Taylor was. The woman whose beauty and style made history and whose big violet eyes dawned in everyone’s mind was also a huge humanitarian. In 1991 she launched the Elizabeth Taylor HIV/AIDS Foundation in order to offer greater support for those who are sick, as well fund research for more advanced treatments.

Just like her bold, playful, sexy personality, her style on and off camera was the same. Bold, sexy, appealing and tight.

Elizabeth Taylor: A Diamond Legend

Her clothes described her better than words ever did - bright colored dresses, most of them with plunging necklines, and statement jewelries that fit so majestically on her that you could never imagine her without them. She opted for dresses short and long alike, but each and every one of them showed off in a very chic and elegant way her prominent chest and slim waist, while her million worth, show stopping, jewelries framed her face and body that dazzled everyone around her.

Elizabeth Taylor definitely was someone who you could not ignore; she had a vibrant presence and will always hold the title of a ‘legendary beauty’.

Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra-1963

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