Evi Grintela AW17-18

Evi Grintela AW17-18

 Athens Fashion week was filled with great designers. Fashion creators and sculptors of the human body with an open and creative mind, who dazzled us all on the catwalk. Among them was Evi Grintela, a woman who after years working on multiple magazines, has decided that she can be valuable on the designing field and she was absolutely right.

The ‘shirtdress’ is the main design on which she works on, and has proven to be quite appealing on the market.
Ms. Grintela puts all her creative imagination on the shirtdress, she plays with the fabric, the prints, and the colors – each and every time she gives it a twist that makes it even more beautiful and chic. Shirtdresses, which reached just below the knee, looking loose and going with the flow of the model’s movements, not only looked very comfortable, but they also gave off a sense of elegance and poise.

The designers’ creations reminded us of careless summer days, with the fading colors of blue, white and green.

Stripes are one of the trendiest patterns right now and Evi Grintela knows that, that’s why she put it on a long shirtdress – blue and white mixed so well together on a long shirtdress which covers the entire body. This is how chic summer elegance is achieved.

At the same time, Ms. Grintela adds to her elegant creations a dose of bohemian style, reminding us that if you want to do summer style well, you got to invest in boho.

If you want to look casual, chic and trendy then Evi Grintela has exactly the brand you should be opting for!


Evi Grintela AW17-18 Evi Grintela AW17-18 Evi Grintela AW17-18 Evi Grintela AW17-18

Photo credits: Panoulis studio

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