Grace Kelly Hollywood Princess

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Countless of movies are being filmed and books have been written about commoners marrying someone of royal blood. Usually a handsome, kind hearted king falls in love with a beautiful woman who is no royal and marries her, making her the princess of his kingdom and life.

Such was the luck and life of the enchanting Grace Kelly.

Grace Patricia Kelly ( who later became Grace, Princess of Monaco) was an award winning American actress with leading roles in approximately 5 films and many theatrical productions mainly in New York City.

Grace Kelly made history with her unbelievable beauty and acting skills, much to her father’s disapproval, her warm smile and of course, her marriage with Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. Her career was envied by many, and her title as Alfred Hitchcock’s muse was very important in her life, as it opened doors and established her place in the list among all the other Golden Age actors.

She starred in films such as High Noon, Dial M for Murder and Rear Window, but after her marriage – the marriage of the century as some called it, with that stunning wedding dress which took six weeks and many seamstresses to make and made history with its unique and elegant design – with the Prince of Monaco she put acting aside to focus on her new role as Princess of Monaco and on her three children.

As an actress and a Princess she knew the way she acted and dressed was highly important. However, she did not want to follow what fashion dictated at the time strictly, she wanted to explore herself and her style – and once she found what looked good on her she never let go.

Grace Kelly gave simplicity a different meaning, she was aware that if she wanted to be a timeless style symbol she had to follow a simple, classic and more elegant approach of her style. That was exactly what she did.

The classic American ‘college girl’ style was, basically, created by her. Her capris trousers along with her white shirts, which she found rather flattering on her body and soul consisted of this ‘new look’ she wanted to promote in a way – dresses with modest scoop necks and nipped in waists, and of course, her tortoiseshell sunglasses which became a statement of herself. Much like her leather handbag by Hermes, also known as The Kelly Bag or Sac a dépêche- a bag made by the worldwide known fashion house Hermes, with which the princess was seen carrying plenty of times, like the time she carried it after the announcement of her engagement with the prince (although many said that she carried the medium size, square bag in front of her belly to hide the fact that she was pregnant).

It was that sophisticated look she found ideal for herself and her personality, that resulted in turning her unto a timeless style icon – one many well-known designers were and are still inspired of. Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco is, still, the epitome of elegance and no one can argue with that.   

Grace Kelly Hollywood PrincessGrace Kelly Hollywood Princess

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