Gucci Cruise 2018

Gucci Cruise 2018

Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, had another vision in his mind for Gucci’s Cruise 2018 collection. He wanted to go back in time, when fashion and style was first invented – meaning in Ancient Greece. He wanted Parthenon as his background, but since that didn’t happen he had to have a plan B, which thankfully for him it worked.

Alessandro’s Plan B can be explained with one word, “Renaissance”.

In the Palatine gallery of the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Gucci showcased the house’s collection. In front of the eyes of plenty of guests and under the roof of the gallery Gucci’s collection included multiple shades of colors, most of them vibrant and matched together in various outfits like a parade of color combinations.

In this collection, we saw long heavy coats, professional suits with a twist of modernity, long and embroidered dresses that float on the runway, along with pieces of lace and midi and miniskirts with tights under them – a revival of a 90’s trend.  We also saw casual yet classy outfits, such as long t-shirts with wolf prints or with various patterns, which included flowers and bows of different sizes, colors and fabric.

When it comes to accessories, they were all very glamorous and elegant with a modern twist. Multiple head decorations, headpieces, tiaras, sparkly accessories that dazzled like small pieces of diamonds.
Socks within sandals and ankle boots, a style touch that we also saw on other catwalks this year.
Is this the creation of a new trend? Probably yes.    

Gucci Cruise 2018 Alessandro Michelle MFW18 Gucci Cruise 2018 Alessandro Michelle MFW18 Gucci Cruise 2018 Alessandro Michelle MFW18 Gucci Cruise 2018 Alessandro Michelle MFW18

Photo Credits: Vogue

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