Lakis Gavalas Just Woke Up

Lakis Gavalas just woke up closet on the goLakis Gavalas Just Woke Up

On the very first day of Athens Fashion Week, Lakis Gavalas one of the most well known Greek designers, presented his new designs on a private room filled with few, but very important people, who all shared an honest love for fashion, style and the designer himself.

With a  bed at the top of the room where two models, one male and one female, laid pretending to be asleep waiting for the opening act, when a famous actress (Ms. Moutidou) ‘woke them up’, models paraded the catwalk showing off the designer’s line.

Lakis Gavalas created and presented a line of clothes based on a specific concept. He is known for creating themed fashion lines, with a specific set to match the whole atmosphere accordingly and he did exactly that once again. Only this time, his concept, the theme of his fashion line, was sleep or better yet the moment we wake up.

The line was based on a very loose and comfy style, very laid back and simple, nothing too extravagant or complicated; however, a sense of elegance was evident on every outfit. Vibrant colors matched with neutral shades, checked patterns and motifs, revealing pieces that enhanced a woman’s feminine side – I would say that Mr. Gavalas, basically, proposed an innovative and colorful way to dress up for bed time.   

Closet on the go blog lakis gavalas just woke upLakis Gavalas just woke up closet on the go blog

Photo Credits:  Panoulis press

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