Mary Katrantzou the Queen of Prints

Mary Katrantzou the Queen of Prints

Mary Katrantzou the Queen of Prints

Mary Katrantzou is a greek designer based in London. She studied architecture in the States and transfered to the UK at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design and during her studies she sold some of her prints to Bill Blass. When she graduated in 2005 she switched her focus from architecture to fashion. She collaborated with Sophia Kokosalaki in 2006, and managed to build a portfolio for Central Saint Martins Master Fashion Textiles. In 2008 she opened the graduating show and the same year she presented her first collection at the London Fashion Week.

Mary Katrantzou the Queen of Prints spring 11

Mary Katrantzou's signature designs are inspired by perfume bottles, stamps, banknotes, 18th century paintings and interiors: objects of desire and luxury, all of which noone could ever wear if they were real.

Same applies to her jewellery collection that compliments her ready to wear.

Mary Katrantzou the Queen of Prints perfume dress

She has been awarded numerous times and she has crown herself the Queen of Prints.

This SS13 collection she excelled! Not only did she continue with her signature prints but she took them to another level: pastel colors, silver shine smooth finish, looser shapes. She lifeted her own game in a single season. She used greek and asian stamp patterns and banknotes for the evening: the way the fabric and the print work out is real artistry.

Mary Katrantzou the Queen of Prints

Mary Katrantzou, the Queen of prints, decided to make a turn for next season AW13-14. Her inspiration drawn from black and white photography, and shapes were key features of the collection. She managed to impress in a much darker collection in a way that only Mary Katrantzou knows how to.

“I wanted to step back from color and print and contemplate shapes and silhouettes. It was important for me to take that time,” she said.

Meanwhile her collaboration with Louboutin continues. She is the golden child!

She is innovative, contemporary and has a vision. She is one of the designers to watch!

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