The art of Nikos Tsiaparas

artist Nikos Tsiaparas

The art of Nikos Tsiaparas

Nikos Tsiaparas is a Greek painter who holds a Ph.D. in Fine Arts. His subject mastery is picturing the child and childhood.

Nikos Tsiaparas not only manages to capture the child itself during its everyday life, but also through it’s innocence he reflects the games an adult mind could play. In other words, he questions the ethics, the society and the belief system all in a pop culture way.  He says “In the context of my painting this can be crudely divided between ‘child’ as subject and the painter’s – therefore the viewer’s – gaze. In this respect it links to a wide range of references derived from post war art history and popular culture.”

His paintings and drawings are generated from photographic references. This is how his work captures the moment, and so the kids by "striking a pose", they simultaneously imitate society. Their subconscious leads them to stand, look, behave through the stereotypes which we as adults can easily recognize. You gaze at one of his paintings and the feelings that arise are reflections of your own stereotypes, of your own belief system. Its like having a mirror in front of you. 

Art critic Dr. Jim Mooney explains "Tsiaparas's work represents an investigation into childhood and, in particular, explores the ways in which children act up through games, imitating the adults, enlarging their own sense of themselves; their identities, their capabilities."

Nikos Tsiaparas

The opening of his current exhibition "T/Boyz & Girls" is on December,13 at Magaze,  Athens, Greece and will run through January,31.

For more information on the artist visit his page at Saatchi Gallery or follow him on facebook.

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