Orsalia Parthenis AW17-18

Orsalia Parthenis AW17

The space is a source of inspiration for many artists. The mysteries and secrets it hides are intriguing and many artistic pieces have been created based on them.

Orsalia Parthenis during Athens Exclusive Designers Week, she based an entire fashion line on space. She used it as her main source of inspiration and created beautiful pieces that resembled astronauts and space surfaces by using monochrome, basic colors in black, grey, deep blue and even metallic shades. Needless to say that metallics remind us of the moon and space, therefore, with their use on on her clothes, Parthenis tried to chanel her out of space inspiration into her new collection. 

 Charming, daring, not at all revealing or feminine pieces that were more like a piece of art than a piece of clothing that could actually be worn. We saw velvet having a leading role – velvet bodysuits, cardigans, jumpers and oversized t-shirts, all of them beautiful, all of them unique, all of them very modern and space-like.  Along with the oversized t-shirt we saw plenty oversized hoods on jumpers and cardigans alike, hoods that basically covered the entire head, obviously as a resemblance of an astronauts ‘helmet’.

The whole fashion line, besides it being very smart, interesting and creative – something much needed in Greek catwalks – it’s also an obvious way for the designer to express her interest and perception of future forward fashion. She artistfully took that interest and curiosity and transformed into clothing pieces that attracted the public’s eye in a positive way.

Orsalia Parthenis AW17-18 closetonthego Orsalia Parthenis AW17-18 Orsalia Parthenis Closet on the go blogOrsalia Parthenis AW17-18 closet on the go blog AWDW

Photo Credits: Studio Panoulis


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