Vassilis Zoulias Women in the Garden


Vassilis Zoulias Women in the Garden

It’s not the first time Mr. Zoulias draws his inspiration from women in his life. Honoring the women he loves and admires and celebrating his long lasting friendship with Mara Desypris. 

Vassilis Zoulias elegant and chic collection took place at the metallic kiosk inside the National Gardens, named 'Women in the Garden', just like Monet's painting where his inspiration derived from. The scenery was all green and colorful with flowers of different kind blooming around the garden, some were even so artistically decorated on and around the kiosk and the little fountain.

Elegance and class was surrounding us, much like the masterpieces of Zoulias’s new semi couture line. Well known to the greek public and beautiful, tall, slim, ladies  posed f0r his latest collection, including Dorothea Merkouri, Mara Desypris and his muse Vicky Kaya.

For this semi couture collection the designer chose to play with colors such as white, black and red. Colors that inspire luxury, elegance, class, ideal for a Winter collection.

PAN_24274 PAN_27382 Vassilis Zoulias Women in the Garden vicky kaya push chair Vassilis Zoulias Women in the Garden Vassilis Zoulias Women in the Garden

Long pencil skirts matched with heavy white shirts, classy oversized coats, long black dresses with white details, transparent dresses that were not at all too revealing – they were just right, appropriate to enhance a woman’s femininity – checked patterns on multiple suits and pants and of course, show stopping red creations. I think what draw all of our attention was the designer’s red dresses, like the short, beautiful dress Dorothea Merkouri wore or the tight red dress with black details or better yet the long red lace dress, which covered the entire body of the model, revealing only her back in the most sexy and graceful way possible.

There is no doubt that Mr. Zoulias knows what he is doing and his creations blew us away once more. If you don’t believe me see for yourselves….

Zoulias AW18

Photo Credits: Panoulis

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