Vivienne Westwood SS18

Vivienne Westwood SS18

Simplicity is not a word included in Vivienne Westwood’s dictionary, but that’s exactly what makes her a rebellious and creative fashion designer. Westwood returned to London for a collection that reminded us scenes from an old time classic circus scene, with dancers and performers playing the roles of professional models who wore the designer’s creations.

Those creations were based on the general idea, the meaning Vivienne Westwood wanted to give to her collection, which was about unisex fashion along with a political statement, typical of Westwood, which was about the government and the general crisis of the public. Through her spring - summer ’18 collection it was evident that her clothes, as always, served a deeper meaning.

In this collection we saw printed suits, mixed patterns along with cut outs that played a very important part for this collection, since most of the outfits were cut out in all kinds of lengths and forms, thus giving to each outfit more edgy, but at the same time a more artistic look.
Most of the models were wearing heavy makeup that made them look fitting to the collection’s theme, their white faces with black and red paint and black tear under their eyes made them look like fashionable clowns. At the same time, on the body of some performers zeroes and money symbols were painted of them as a sign of the money wasted by the government.

Outfits of bright colors ruled the catwalk; blue, red, pink, white and black were mostly used in various combinations on Westwood’s more than simple clothes.

The highlight of the evening was of course the appearance of Vivienne Westwood herself on the shoulders of one of her performers. Despite her age, Vivienne Westwood showed, once again, to the world that her style, her art, her skills and her thirst for life know no age and no bounds.

Vivienne Westwood SS18 Vivienne Westwood SS18 Vivienne Westwood SS18


Photo Credits: Vogue

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